Deep frontbends (video)

Hello folks!

I have found three video clips which I’ll show you now. Here we have three beautiful women who all are doing frontbending at it`s best, here we see frontbending at a very high level, watch and enjoy :)

First woman out is sexy Zlata, wearing only bikini

Zlata extreme knot (seen on

Next out is Carol Liabos. Carol is a gymnast from the “old days” therefore has her videos and photos a slightly lower quality than what we are used to today. There is a fair amount of pictures of her out on the net, she is a really good gymnast where frontbending is her speciality

Carol Liabos (seen on

Last out is a very flexible amateur woman, who is extremely close of making contact with her tongue

Amateur frontbender (seen on

Q: What do you think? Did you like the videos? :)

Pictures, tight frontbends

This will just be a small post with some pictures, a longer and better post are coming next time. But a post with just pictures are good too :-)
4: Small picture, but it sure is a good frontbend
Q: Are you able to do a tight frontbend as shown in the pictures above?
Q: Do you have a favourite among the pictures above?

AC on youtube

Dan and Jennifer have a short video about AC on youtube that I thought I could post. They also have a lot of other sex related info/tips for those who are interested in it… I do not watch Dan and Jennifer videos on a regular basis, but since I came across this video from them I thought that I could post it here on the blog.
Click on the link below to watch
To end this post I have a couple of pictures of Zlata… again :-)
Q: Do you like Zlata`s frontbends?

Zlata, the amazing contortionist

This post will be about Julia Gunthel, better known as Zlata. Zlata lives in Germany and is a very talented contortionist, she is 27 years old and have been training contortion since she was 17. It was in kindergarden at around age 4 that she found out that she was very flexible, but she was about 17 when she really started to train contortion I think. I have posted several pictures of her before on the blog because she is such a wonderful frontbender, but it is not only gorgeous frontbends she can do, she is also a gorgeous backbender, and it’s not all contortionists who can do a equally good frontbend and backbend, but Zlata can. Super limber legs has she also, she manages to twist her body in pretty much all directions and it does not really look like she is struggling so much either when she performs various positions. She is also the only pro contortionist to date (except from Tabatha Jordan who once has mentioned it) that has actually admitted that she can perform oral sex on herself and when I look at some of the frontbends in her pictures I am in no doubt that she can do it and I think she can do it relatively “easy”, considering that in some of the pictures she are pretty much there without using her arms for help even. As I wrote she is a good overall contortionist and therefore I`ll post pictures where she is doing some general contortion and of course some frontbend pictures that we like so much. Here comes the pictures :-)
6: Backbend again
Now we move over to the frontbend pictures that I like so much
The picture below are maybe my favourite of her
Here is a little video of her:
For those who are interested in more pictures and videos of Zlata I can recommend to take a search on google and youtube, there it comes up some stuff about her.
Q: Which picture above did you like best?
Q: Are you a contortionist?
Q: Would you like to see more of Zlata?
(Some of the facts in this post may be incorrect!!!)


In this post I will post some drawings that illustrate AC. I have come across some drawings online during the years so I tought it was on time with a post like this. I also wonder if there is someone who can and will draw drawings that illustrates AC, if yes then I had been happy if you took ​​contact with me. I don`t have any more stuff to write in this post really so here comes the pictures:
5: Backwards ;)
I have more drawings than just theese, but it is enough for now I think :)
Q: Which drawing did you like best?

Autocunnilingus, just a myth or erotic reality?

In the first post on the blog, I mentioned that there are some who believe that AC is impossible for a woman to be able to do, because of the extreme frontbend that is needed. And unfortunately there are currently no documented proof that it is possible either. Many of the AC pictures that exists are often pictures where it is used an image editor program to make it look like the real thing. Many of the pictures are also very professionally edited so it’s hard to know if it is the real thing or not you are looking at. As of today, and as far as I know, only one woman has stated that she can do it, and that is Zlata. But she has never really showed any pictures or video where she are actually doing it (therefore not documented and many are still in doubt) but based on the other frontbend pictures of her, I am in no doubt that she can do it and I think she can do it “easy” as limber as she is. The well known actress Whoopi Goldberg has once mentioned that when she was a teenager she tried to perform AC and actually did it with some success. I think she described it as: “very difficult and hard to be curled up, almost like a ball and it was not much I could do down there because of it, but I did it”, she once said. But again, also here we don`t have any documented proof that we want so much. On the group AutoC at Yahoo there are a few women who have stated that they are able to do AC and they have been interviewed by the group moderator, but even here we have no real proof that they actually can do it, which again makes the skeptics remain, yes skeptical…
As I wrote, it is often used a photo editor program to edit the pictures, so it will look like the real thing, but it really isn`t. But there are pictures that look more real than other images and one example of that is the black and white vintage pictures. Here we have a old picture that I think are real, but you never know, there are many who are good
with those editor programs…
I have posted some pictures of Zlata here on the blog before, and as I mentioned, she once said that she can perform AC, but has never shown it on pictures or video. But in return, she has lots of nice frontbend pictures and therefore I am not in any doubt that she can do it. Some of my favorites:
This is perhaps my favorite picture of her. Here she shows how close she actually is, and without even using her arms to push her ​​ass down! As we can see, she is also very limber in her feet.
Here she is in a different position, a so-called human knot
Here are some random pictures of different women who most likely are fakes:
I have also read a place on the internet, I can not remember where, maybe it was on a forum or something. But anyway, there it was said that it was 1 in a 1000 men who could give themselves oral sex and since it is much harder for a woman to perform oral sex on herself it was estimated that 1 in 5000 could do it. What I think about that is, yes it may well be that 1 in a 1000 men can give themselves oral sex, but for the ladies the number could be somewhat different. It is of course impossible to predict the numbers of the women, but I think it is less than 1 in 5000. Had it been as much as 1 in 5000 women who could do it, we had seen this in the porn industry a long time ago…
My conclusion on whether AC is possible or not is short and straightforward, I offcourse think it is possible but very rare.
Q: What do you mean, can really a girl / woman perform oral sex on herself, or is it impossible?
Q: Do you have any inclines about AC? If yes, then bring it on :)

The art of a frontbend

As I have written previously and as shown in the pictures, a so-called frontbend is necessary to perform self oral sex, for both women and men of course. A frontbend in itself is not so difficult, the problem is getting it deep enough to “reach down”. The back must have a bend, or have a shape if you will, similar to the letter C. Take a look at the picture below, then you will see what I mean:
Look at her back, it is bent like the letter C. This frontbend is very good, it bends both lower and upper back equally much, which then gives a nice C bend. I must say that I do not know if the image is real or not, I used it only as an example of a nice C bend :-) One problem that can arise with a such extreme frontbend that is needed for a woman (and also a man) to perform oral sex on themselves is that the ribs may get in the way, I have also mentioned this in another post. The trick here will probably be to try to suck in your stomach and then bend down and get your ribs  placed over your stomach. It is not easy and some training is needed to learn this trick. I have some more pictures (as above) that are old or at least apparently looks old which shows women perform oral sex on themselves. These images may well be real because it was not uncommon in the late 1800s and early 1900s that women removed their bottom two ribs so that they could tighten the corset really hard. And I am sure that without the two bottom/lower ribs women could more easily perform autocunnilingus…
Ok, then we move over to the frontbending again. I recommend you to just take a little search on google or youtube for that matter if you are interested in pictures / videos which shows frontbending, its so much out on the web to watch. Now and then I`m searching for frontbend pictures and movies myself, and I find it very fascinating how good some people are at it. I`m actually training on frontbending myself :-) But now this post is beginning to come to an end, but before I finish I will show some pictures of amazing Zlata, she can really make a nice frontbend!
Q: What do you think about Zlata?
Q: Do you train on frontbending?

Autocunnilingus attempts compilation video

As the headline says “Autocunnilingus Attempts compilation video”, I am now going to post a movie where several women are trying to perform AC. Some are “far” away from be able to do it, some are only a few inches away and it looks like some are actually doing it. I recommend those of you who is interested in this to watch the whole movie, it is about 22 minutes long. It shows many different techniques, some better than others of course. When you click on the link below you will be redirected to some porn site, just as you know. But it is safe and there is not so much material there that could be offensive to anyone there either, its just like a regular porn site

Autocunnilingus attempts compilation (I have not made the video compilation)

Q: What do you think about the video?

How to perform autocunnilingus, with pictures/film

In this post I will write how to perform autocunnilingus, show different techniques with pictures and text.

1. In the image below we see that she is using a rod to use the force in her arms to lift up her upper body (and head) towards her vagina. This seems to me like a good way to perform AC in considering that the rod can be used as help.

Here is a drawing, in which she uses a rod as help

2. In the pictures below, we see a different technique on how AC can be performed. This is probably the easiest way to perform AC, not that AC is easy, but if you want to try it out I would recommend this technique. Here she can also use her arms on each buttock to push down her ass and vagina towards her mouth. The beauty of this technique is that gravity is also on your side here, just try it out ;-)

I also like this drawing very much. Here she has the ability to use her arms to push down her ass also.

This picture is from the early 1900`s and is supposed to be real.

3. In this picture we see a so-called human knot. Here she has placed her legs behind her head which allows her to use her strenght in her legs to push on the back of her head to get her mouth closer to her vagina. As you can see, she also uses her arms on each buttock to provide additional forward bending.

4. Here we see a different technique. I think it is much more difficult than the other techniques.

5. Here are some pictures of various techniques.

This is the same as the top two pictures, just that she does not have a rod to hold on to

Cool technique below here, but it is probably very difficult.

The picture below is fake, but it doesn`t matter to me, I like it

I also have a small movie and a picture of amazing Zlata who is super limber, she does not even have to use her arms to push down her ass!

Here is a short movie of her: Zlata sits on her own face

So, that Is what I got for now with pictures. I just wanted to make a small guide on how to perform AC, if you want to try it out for yourselves, so here it is:
- Warm up your body
- Stretch and bend your back and legs. Just stretch normally before attempting AC (regular stretching tips is available online)
- Have an empty stomach. This is very important since an empty stomach gives better access. Wait at least 4 hours after you have been eaten something and at least 2 hours after you have been drinking something before starting with the extreme bending.
- Try it out carefully, find a technique that you feel is best for you. I would recommend technique number 2 shown above here. Put pressure on your back, your are now gonna feel that your back is stretching, but by all means, don`t push to hard. Hold the position for about 20 seconds, then straight out your back again slowly. Continue to do this every night and you should be able to be more limber in your back after a while. When you start to get limber it will certainly feel like your ribs will crash in your stomach, this can be a problem when performing AC. The trick here is to try to suck in your stomach and get your ribs placed “over” it.
- If you have access to a bathtub then use it to help you with the stretching exercises. Fill it with warm water and let your back be warm. Stretch your back while sitting in the bathtub. A warm shower also helps.
- I take no responsibility if you injure yourself when you try this. Training to be able to perfrom AC is at your own risk, just for the record!
- This was just a quick guide, if you need help please contact me on my e-mail address.
So, then this post is coming to an end. If you have any comments you can leave them here or you can send them to my e-mail if you want, just go to “contact” at the top of the blog to find my e-mail address

Good candidates to be able to achieve AC

In this post I’ll write about the people who have the greatest chance of being able to perform AC, and for many this is pretty obvious. Here is an example: If you are doing gymnastics, dance, rhythmic gymnastics, yoga and other activities where it requires to be limber in your body, then you have a better chance to be able to perform AC than a person who hardly has been in any activity at all, but as I said, this is pretty obvious :-) . It’s also a syndrome, which of course is sad for those who have it as it gives a lot of pain, but it could be an advantage if you want to try out AC. The syndrome I am talking about is EDS syndrome which makes joints in the body hyper mobile. But I should not talk so much about the syndrome EDS, for it is sad for those who have it because of the pain and discomfort it brings, but as I said over here, they may be having an advantage in performing AC.
So, then we go over to the group of people I talked about first, namely those who are doing gymnastics, dance, rhythmic gymnastics, yoga and other gymnastic activities that require flexibility. I think that some of these girls / women should have a real chance to be able to perform AC considering how limber some of these are. I have visited a number of blogs, both Norwegian and foreign, where gymnasts shows off their flexibility. Many people of the blogs I have visited show off that they can do the gymnastic position called “the bridge”, which requires a so-called backbend. Some of these women is so limber that they can place their chin and part of the chest on the floor and then move their feet up and over their head so that their butt touches the back of the head (backbend). I know, it was poorly explained, so I have added a picture below the text. Anyway, I would have loved to see if these women had been able to perform a equaly good frontbend. Because that is required if you are gonna perform AC, namely a proper frontbend. Here is a picture of a pretty extreme backbend which I talked about: